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Large Groups and Whole Organisations

Facilitation of Strategic Conferences and Meetings
We are experienced in the facilitation of strategically important workshops for both small and large groups. We have worked with a variety of clients with differing aims where participant numbers have ranged from 5 - 250. In consultation with clients we establish the aims and objectives, design appropriate processes and programs and manage the logistics. The objective of workshops has ranged from strategic planning and development, determining new business or organisational directions, team building, generating new and innovative products, processes or services, developing or enhancing cross organisational collaboration, bringing about the effective merger of two or more entities or organisations or more general cultural change.
Interactive Strategic Planning

We specialise in designing workshops to gain wide stakeholder and staff commitment to major organisational changes or new strategic directions. Recent examples of large group, large scale, interactive processes designed and facilitated by Knowledge Teams International include:

Assistance with the development of the CSIRO organisation wide Strategic Action Plan in 2001 and 2002
Development of the Technology Education Action Plan 2012 for the Federal Government Department of Education, Science and Technology and a range of State and Federal stakeholders involved in technology education in 2002
Development of a Strategic Plan and Action Agenda for the Office of Science and Innovation in Western Australia to determine the strategic direction of science and technology in the State in early 2003
Facilitation of a Biotechnology foresighting meeting jointly held by AusBiotech and the Australian Biotechnology Advisory Council in early 2003

Change Management
The principals of Knowledge Teams International have worked with a number of organisations both in Australia and overseas to design and help bring about major organisational change processes which gain the commitment of staff and other key internal and external stakeholders.
Enhancing Collaboration

Collaborative arrangements of various kinds are increasingly a feature of the organisational environment worldwide. Faced with a need to adapt rapidly in times of change, organisations are focusing on collaboration, both within and across organisations, as a way to retain and improve competitiveness, productivity and innovativeness. Frequently, however, organisational "silos" exist which actively work against efforts to achieve collaborate either internally or externally.

These issues are even more critical in organisations with a major technical or research and development focus where different disciplines often have different world views, mental models and even "languages" that actively work against effective collaboration. It is likely however that the really innovative new breakthroughs will continue to occur at the intersection of disciplines. Assisting teams and groups to learn how to effective collaborate within and between organisations across functional specialties, disciplines, or areas of professional expertise is essential.

Knowledge Teams International has wide experience in developing processes and activities which help teams and groups understand the barriers to collaboration and how to overcome them.

Organisation Wide Talent Management and Succession Planning.

Jane Lowther and Robert Marshall were responsible for developing and implementing a major succession planning and career development initiative for CSIRO during their work with that organisation. They designed, developed and implemented an award winning leadership development and succession planning process which operated for over ten years. A significant number of the senior executives in that organisation and a range of other important organisations in Australian and international R&D organisations are graduates of this program.