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Effective Teamwork - Team Development

At K Teams, we work with teams and their leaders to create an environment of knowledge sharing and mutual respect aimed at improving team effectiveness and create effective teamwork. We assist new teams to get started on the right footing by building relationships, mutual respect and understanding between members before they get totally immersed in the task. We design and facilitate team start up meetings and support team leaders through the often challenging task of building a cohesive team from independent and free-thinking individuals to create effective teamwork. 

We also work with existing teams to enhance their productivity and to resolve unproductive conflict that may have arisen thus improving the team effectiveness.

Team Profiling and Benchmarking

The quality of interpersonal relationships between team members is a significant predictor of success, particularly in teams that rely on excellent flow of both tacit and explicit knowledge between team members to achieve their outcomes. Traditionally, these "soft" skills have been difficult to measure. However, our diagnostic tool, The Knowledge Teams Effectiveness Profile (KTEP), provides a valid and reliable measure of team dynamics and suggests priority areas for action to enhance the team's performance.

The Knowledge Team Effectiveness Profile (KTEP) enables you find out how your knowledge or research team is currently performing. This is an important step in building the effectiveness and capability of your team.

Access to the diagnostic questionnaire is available through this site. The results will show how your team compares with other knowledge or R&D teams and will give you specific and practical suggestions for increasing your team's performance.

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Additional Information about Team Profiling

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